Poirot’s Last Case !

How ironic is it to read poirot's last case but never having the chance to tackle his very first detectin story . Ever since I have read my very first Agatha Christie's novel , I have become much addicted and found of her writing style and twisting plots, and no matter how hard I've tried... Continue Reading →


Women today !Or yesterday?

'' La Femme et le monde moderne '' is the original title of a radio program by Harold Portnoy, where he dealt with different themes that are strictly related to women . During his 2 years of searching, H.P had encountered variant people with different mindsets on the question of women in today's world who... Continue Reading →

#1. Road Map to Success .

Road map to success is a one day based workshop by the international trainer and coach Mohammed Mehdi accompanied by Besbas Sid Ahmed. It is a process of finding your road towards success tackling the major criterias one has to go through in order to succeed in his life and achieve his goals. With the... Continue Reading →

Memory within memory !

I finally had the chance to put my hands on the very first published book of a dear friend of mine . And in such occasion I would like to take some lines to say how much I am proud of her ambitious will and passion of transmiting a serie of emotions and vividity into... Continue Reading →

Stop giving so many fucks !

A year ago I gave too many useless fucks about unnecessary stuff, That's why I ended up getting lower marks , a low self esteem and a nonsense period of sadness. an author who uses the '' F '' word more than anyone I know once said : The key to a good life is... Continue Reading →

Death of Dreams by Shruti Agrawal

Death of dreams is a set of short poems by the young passionat Shruti AGRAWAL . Synopsis : "Death Of Dreams" is a cluster of quotes & poems. It is deep dive into emotions, empathy, acceptance, healing and insights into a different perspective towards life. The book embraces you in silence and stillness of thoughts.... Continue Reading →

Satan in the sanctuary

I never read a biblical based book . Satan in the sanctuary was an unexpected book to buy , from its cover I thought it was about the Palestinian case but it ended-up totaly the opposite . What is about ?  The book is about the biblical prediction of the next Temple in Jerusalem .... Continue Reading →


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